Many people love this podcast and have asked how they can support and help it grow. I have for years provided this service of my own expense. As time and money allowed I have improved the quality of the equipment and hosting services, but I’m beginning to need more help to continue to see this podcast grow. If you want to be a part of the future of WDW-Memories and maybe have episodes released more often, or at least on a consistent basis, consider becoming a patron. If you’d just like to say Thank You for what I’ve been doing already, maybe you can buy me a drink, tell me to take an evening off and go see a movie, buy me (or my family) dinner, or help replace broken equipment. I’m grateful for any and all support you are willing to give.

Become a Patron Supporter

I have started up a Patreon site for those that wish to be a part of the future. WDW-Memoires started as a hobby of mine and I was excited to do for fun, but lately, my time has become too valuable to dedicate to this hobby, impacting the quality and the consistency of the show. These sacrifices are becoming a problem to the podcast and will only continue to impact it more unless I can justify changing my focus. If you want to see this podcast become more regular, improve the quality, and maybe even keep current, consider becoming a Patreon supporter today. Your support will also give you access to special gifts for your patronage.

Fund Replacement Microphones

On my last 2 trips, I discovered when reviewing the recordings that I have a short in my current set of microphones, and it’s a bad one. Originally I thought I could repair the microphones, but technology is just too old (I did buy these microphones almost 10 years ago). So it’s time to finally replace them. Help me cover the costs of replacements, so that we can continue to bring more great memories in the future.

Buy Me Coffee

I saw this idea first on another website, and I thought it was brilliant. How often have you thought, “I’d like to buy them a drink to say thanks for what they’ve done”. Well, now you can. Using PayPal, you can buy me a drink, send me to the latest Disney movie, or send me out for dinner with my wife.

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