Many people love this podcast and have asked how they can support and help it grow. I have for years provided this service of my own expense. As time and money allowed I have improved the quality of the equipment and hosting services, but I’m beginning to need more help to continue to see this podcast grow. If you want to be a part of the future of WDW-Memories and maybe have episodes released more often, or at least on a consistent basis, consider becoming a patron. If you’d just like to say Thank You for what I’ve been doing already, maybe you can buy me a drink, tell me to take an evening off and go see a movie, buy me (or my family) dinner, or help replace broken equipment. I’m grateful for any and all support you are willing to give.

  • Donate – Just say thank you with a quick one-time donation
  • Patron Supporter Group – Support the podcast with a recurring donation and receive thank you gifts.
  • GoFundMe – Donate to the replacement of the binaural microphones.
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