Memory 020 – American Vybe 1

Today’s episode was requested before my hard drive broke. Today’s request came from Brian of the Mousin’ It Up Podcast. He wrote me asking if I had any streetmosphere audio. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything that consider streetsmosphere, so instead I’m going to do a show which I’m sure he would like anyway. Tonight we’re going to catch the American Vybe.

Podcast Type: Stereo Audio
Podcast Length: 21:29

Back on February 6, 2007, Brian put out Episode 13. This was actually an episode that ties us together. See, I’m his WDW Friend. Some of the audio he mixed in was some of my stuff. And so in this show and the next one, I’d like to revisit some American Vybe memories. American Vybe used to perform opposite the Voices of Liberty at the American Pavilion. Their style of music is a little more contemporary, and also A-Capella. Well technically they use an upright bass, but it’s still mostly without music. Throughout their shows you will hear drums, an orchestra, and some great singing. Unfortunately American Vybe was cut by Walt Disney World, but not before I got to record them four different sets.

So today, we’ll start off with stereo audio that I recorded back in August of ’99. My recording, unfortunately, got partially erased later that day, so I only got a couple of songs from this recording. The second set is a Christmas set also in stereo, and was recorded in December of 2000. They do some great Holiday stuff. I personally love Santa Clause is Back in Town.

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