Memory 024 – Great Movie Ride

Today’s Memory was requested by Anthony from New York City, he wrote:

I was wondering if you had the audio to the great movie ride? I really enjoy this ride and it is a good audio file. … I enjoy this ride so much because last time i was on it, i was with everyone in my family, and i mean everyone, including aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, mom and dad.

Podcast Type: Binaural Audio
Podcast Length: 27:13

Then a little later I received an email from David, of Cincinnati, OH:

First off I love the podcast! … I would like the to hear the great movie ride .It has Me and My wife’s favorite old movies. My wife’s favorite is The Wizard of Oz and my favorite is Singing In The Rain.

Anthony and David those are two very good points. I love the fact that you can fit so many people on this ride. Even more than that, I love how you can actually ride through the movies. So often movies provide you an escape from reality, this ride actually makes you feel like you stepped right through the silver screen into the middle of the action. Did you know that this attraction is the reason we have the Studios? Originally they wanted to put a Movie Pavilion into Epcot somewhere in Future World, but instead we got a full movie themed park.

So today’s memory is in Binaural, so headphones on. It was recorded on our anniversary trip in 2006. As we slip into this memory, we find ourselves already in line. We’re in the movie queue area, where on the screen, promos are being played of movies we’re about to experience. We’re ushered into our row, the doors are shut, the music builds and Caroline welcomes us. Then it’s Lights, Cameras, and Action.

Orlando Attractions Magazine:

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