Memory 028 – Impressions de France

Today’s request came from Brian Hendricks of Springfield, IL. He wrote:

I have a MAJOR request: I would LOVE to hear the “Impressions de France” movie at Epcot. It is a classic, and it was one of the inspirations behind my choosing France as the honeymoon site for me and my wife 5 years ago. Even if I can never get a video copy of this movie, the music of “Impressions de France” is the main reason I am requesting it. It is outstanding. In fact, Disney had received so many questions about the music for this movie that they issued a memo / press release that showed all the titles that were used. I would be forever grateful to you for doing this one! 

First off, Brian, thank you for your patience. To give you all an idea how long he’s been waiting for this audio… well let’s just say my baby girl isn’t that old. So Brian, at long last, here’s your request.

Today’s memory is from the spring of 2007. Traci and I took a day trip with her parents to Disney from their house in Tampa to enjoy some of the Flower and Garden Festival, and the evening at the Magic Kingdom. This memory is in Binaural, so headphones on. We’ll start out in the waiting area where we’re seated on the carpet as we get the announcement that the doors are about to open and we can enter. Shortly the curtains open, and we’re transported from our seats in Epcot to the countryside of France.

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