Memory 039 – Prairie Drifters

So I’m back from California and boy what a trip. Disneyland is really a special place, and I think I have managed to fall more in love with Disney California Adventure, even without seeing the new World of Color show. But my trip report is for another podcast. Let’s just say, I’ll take Walt Disney World over Disneyland, but take either one of those way before the next park.

So today is going to be a special show, but before I forget yet again, let me start off with some housekeeping. I’ve been branching out on the social media realms a lot recently. It first started by getting my own fan page on Facebook ( Then I branched out to Twitter (@WDWMemoriesLou). Now I’ve even got my own voicemail line 336-WDW-MEM0 (336-939-6360). So you now have many ways to reach me, leave me feedback, find out what I’m doing, and of course make a request. So feel free to reach out to me through any of these mediums, and don’t hesitate to pass the word around. I’d love to see our fan base grow.

Now on with the actual memory. Today’s memory is one of my own requests. I was looking through my audio collection, trying to find something patriotic that I haven’t done before, and finally found something. As I figure, Frontierland is kind of Old Americana, so I thought “What can I do from there that’s different”? Have you ever heard of the Prairie Drifters? I’m not sure where these guys ended up, but back in 1998 they could be found in the Diamond Horseshoe. This was a daily show consisting of 4 guys playing 4 stringed instruments (Guitar, Banjo, Fiddle, and Bass). They were some of the most talented musicians I’ve seen, and well worth the catching the show. In fact, on the night of this memory, I caught them twice.

So back in 1998, I was in Orlando for a convention, so of course I went to the parks in my spare time. This evening, I had gotten a Turkey leg, and gone upstairs to watch from the balcony as the show happened. I started the recorder just as the show began, but unbeknownst to me, my battery was low, and halfway through the show, it died (that will be the end of our first memory). I realized later my audio was cut short, so I decided to return to see the Prairie Drifters again that evening. The next show I was ready, but again audio troubles plagued me, and I managed to overwrite some of my audio, losing a good chunk of the second set. So this isn’t the best audio, or even a full show. It’s not even in Stereo, but it’s something that is gone and very much missed, and a bit of the American Old West.

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