Memory 075 – Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream

Come and join us for another installment of the WDW-Memories podcast, where I try to make it possible for you relive your Walt Disney World Memories when you can’t actually be there.

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Time: 37:19

I still can’t believe how much I got to experience over my last trip. I hope everyone enjoyed the trip report shows and the special audio I included in them. Today though is a return to normal. We’re going to get back to our traditional listener request format and feature audio you wanted to hear. So let’s get to it shall we? Today we’ll spend some time in Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Today’s request was from long time listener Brendan. In his email from November 2011 he wrote:

I wanted to know if you had a recording of one mans dream in Hollywood studios. I love it cause it’s the inspiring story of walt Disney and his struggles in his life.

As always I tossed the request out on our social media sites and got the following responses.

On Facebook, Dennis wrote:

I was born the year after Walt Disney passed away but still feel like I grew up with him being here. I remember the first time I went through one man’s dream it was it was cool looking at Walt’s office then the section where it talks about
his death so sad. I stood there getting joked up reading about a man who had died before I was alive but yet it felt as though I was reading about a dear friend. Someone that I never met or spoke to but had brought so much happiness joy and great memories to me throughout my life. Then to see the models of things to come. His legacy of making magic and memories still going strong. Thanks Mr. Disney for everything.

And on Google+, Disney Professional Internships wrote:

I have two memories. 1) I remember when it opened and you went from the black-n-white side to the color side. that was cool. 2) When I worked at the Studios, I would take my trainee’s through to give them a great overview on company history, impact, and size. Most of them had no idea how large Disney truly is

Thanks all for your responses. I too think it’s an amazing attraction. Up until this recent trip I didn’t have much audio to speak of so I had to put this request aside until I was able to visit this attraction. But as you might remember from my trip report in Memory 072 – June 2012 Trip Report (Part 1) and Twilight Zone Tower of Terror I was able to visit this attraction.

We’re going to begin this memory on a warm Sunday afternoon in June 2012. It’s the last day of Star Wars Weekends, and I have only been in the parks for a few hours. I just finished lunch, and had a close encounter with a small droid, and am now making my way up Mickey Avenue. This is where we’ll join this memory. As I walk in, I check for the time till the next movie, and the cast member at the door doesn’t have that info available, so I go ahead on in. Shortly after I get in, you’ll hear the announcement for the next movie to begin in 10 minutes, so I decide to wander around the displays, trying to take some photographs, and maybe tweet a little. Then they call the next movie and I head back to get a seat in the relatively empty theater.

Some things I remember. In addition to the regular displays of Walt’s Office, the Multiplane Camera, and Walt’s Announcement of the Orlando Project, there is a display there of the new Fantasyland that just looks awesome. I couldn’t even tell you all the details I saw. There were also a model of the new Little Mermaid attraction. I can’t wait for these to become reality here in Walt Disney World. The other thing I remember is the movie. While it is a great movie and a wonderful documentary with audio of Walt himself interspersed with pictures and movies of the man through the years, I was saddened by the state of the theater. Particularly, you can hear what sounds like a blown speaker. I hope that they fix that, since they’re trying to pay tribute to the man who started it all.

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