Memory 163 – A Day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Part 7, The Magic of Disney Animation

Come and join us for another installment of the WDW-Memories podcast, where I try to make it possible for you relive your Walt Disney World Memories when you can’t actually be there. We’ll continue our memories from our most recent trip in January of 2015 as we go to the now extinct Animation Academy and draw that most famous of mice.

Podcast Type: Binaural Audio
Podcast Length: 43:32

Here we are again, back for another memory. I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks. With all that is going on at work and church and home, I swear time is just flying by. Because of all this stress, Traci and I have really been doing a lot of thinking about vacations and time together as a family, and well, Walt Disney World is on the short list of things to do this summer. It might still just be a couple of days while we’re at the beach in Florida, but it’s something right? I guess in the meantime, we’ll just relive more memories to help tide us over until we can get back to the parks, so let’s get back to it shall we.

Just like last time, we’re reliving my memories from our most recent trip to Walt Disney World in January of 2015. It’s a beautiful sunny day in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and our first full day in the parks on this trip. In memory 162, we just caught a showing of the family friendly Disney Junior – Live on Stage! and are trying to decide what to do with the few minutes before our lunch reservation at the Brown Derby. We ended up deciding to go into The Magic of Disney Animation building to look around, and maybe try our hand at drawing something in the Animation Academy. The line is longer for this attraction, so while the family wanders around a bit in the building, I wait in line with Traci to hopefully get us all in to draw something. After a brief wait, the doors open, and we all make it in, unfortunately we’re spread all over the place. I end up in a little nook on the back wall with Mikey, and a lap drawing desk. The room is dim, and the sound is muted, a wonderful oasis in the middle of an amusement park. We’ll decide as a class on drawing Mickey Mouse. At the end of the class our instructor will give away his drawing to the person who can answer his trivia question… guess who that was. After the show, we’ll meet up with my sister’s family and my dad who didn’t want to bring the baby in the class and just waited outside. They’ve headed over to the Brown Derby, and when we get together, we’ll show off our drawings and laugh at the quality of our work.

So here’s another attraction that is now gone. If you haven’t seen the graphics of what Disney’s Hollywood Studios is right now, it’s really kind of depressing. I honestly can’t believe Disney is charging full price to visit this park in the shape it’s in. Now, when everything opens up, this park will be amazing, but for now, it’s sad to see so many of these great studio attractions gone. Things like the Magic of Disney Animation were what made it a Movie Studio theme park and gave it the extra special thing in my mind. This used to be my favorite park, but right now, I think it’s Disney’s Animal Kingdom. At least we have memories we can revisit often so we’ll never forget what it used to be.

Today’s memory is in binaural once again, so I’d suggest putting those headphones on to fully immerse yourself in the memory.

Now sit back. Relax. Close your eyes. And come with me as we slip into a quiet place and spend some time drawing the most famous of mice.

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