Take a virtual audio trip in this installment of the WDW-Memories podcast, brought to you in immersive binaural sound, as we enjoy another magical memory from Walt Disney World. In today’s memory, you will join my family as we take on the Evil Emperor Zurg and help Buzz Lightyear save the universe.

Well hello and welcome to the WDW-Memories Podcast where together we relive that Walt Disney World Magic. My name is Lou and I’ll once again be your host on this magical adventure.

The news is out, and now we know how the parks will open (assuming things don’t change between now and then). Traci and I were talking last night as we walked about how this impacts our trip, which is still booked for September. At this point, we’re still planning to go then, but we might also consider pushing it back a few months too depending on where we are with this pandemic. Like so much of our lives right now, things are still very fluid. At least we can still slip away to the memories from the past, and escape to the parks even while they are still closed for now.

In today’s memory, we will continue our day from September 2016 as we have begun the day in the Magic Kingdom. We are again joined by my extended family and will be continuing our day as we just exited the Laugh Floor and are connecting back up with Traci and Mikey. The crowds in the Magic Kingdom have picked up, and unfortunately, we don’t have very good fast passes for the day, mostly because of how late we got this trip together and the size of our party. But we have to do Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, it is a must for any group with young kids, so we get in line. The sign has a posted 25-minute wait… it wasn’t. The queue line starts outside the building and wraps under the Peoplemover track some. We’ll get to enjoy some of the sounds of Tomorrowland as we wait in line in the heat of the midday sun, trying to hide in whatever shade we can find. Eventually, we make it indoors and the airconditioning. Sadly the Buzz figure is offline, so we don’t even get that cool interaction while we wait inside. Before we know it though, we’re at the front of the line and climbing into our cars, and then we’re off to battle the Evil Emporer Zurg.

As I said earlier, this is a must-ride attraction for any parties with young children. You heard Mikey talking about Buzz Lightyear for the last 2 episodes, partially because he is a favorite Disney Movie character, and partially because he gets to shoot a laser blaster. If it was just me, I’d probably skip this attraction, but since it’s a favorite of the kids, we do it.

Today’s memory is in binaural once again, so I’d suggest putting those headphones on to fully immerse yourself in the memory.

Now join my family on our 2 day trip to Walt Disney World, brought to you in immersive binaural sound, as we take on the Evil Emperor Zurg and help Buzz Lightyear save the universe.

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Lou the host of the WDW-Memories podcast and the owner of WDW-Memories.net. WDW-Memories is a podcast and blog, where fans of the Disney Parks can come and relive their Disney memories.

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