Take a virtual audio trip in this installment of the WDW-Memories podcast, brought to you in immersive binaural sound, as we enjoy another magical memory from Walt Disney World. In today’s memory, you will join my family as we walk around the corner and quickly hop on a magic carpet ride over the market of Agrabah, before making our way up Main Street USA.

Well hello and welcome to the WDW-Memories Podcast where together we relive that Walt Disney World Magic. My name is Lou and I’ll once again be your host on this magical adventure.

So I made park reservations for our trip in September. Yes, it is still on… for now, but then this morning I read that Disneyland is considering delaying their re-opening date potentially and I wonder if Walt Disney World will follow suit. So like so much else in our lives right now, it is all up in the air still. I guess we continue forward as best we can, making the plans that we can, and see where it goes from there. In the meantime, I am so glad to have memories we can reflect back on that can transport us to the parks when we can’t actually get to them.

In today’s memory, we will continue our day from September 2016 as we began the day in the Magic Kingdom. Today my extended family is with us and will be picking up just as we just finished learning how to become pirates from Captain Jack Sparrow, and are working our way towards the front of the park. But first, as we pass through Adventureland, the fun (and often less crowded) Magic Carpets of Aladdin lies before us. During the Pirate Tutorial, Traci went up the way to get us a Dole Whip Float to share and has now returned. We’ll hop in the short line, quickly working our way through the refreshing ice cream before it’s our turn to ride. The kids want to ride together, and thankfully you can sit behind them, so my two kids and their cousin hop in the front seat, while my brother and I ride together in the back. It’s a great ride, and of course, I get wet. As our carpet returns to earth, we’ll gather together again and try to figure out what we want to do next, and we end up deciding to leave the Magic Kingdom all together and head over to Epcot for the evening.

We’ll stay with the memory as we make our way to the front exit of the Magic Kingdom. You’ll hear us pass through Adventureland getting spit on by the camels once again. The “map” that Captain Jack gave us (it’s really a certificate) turns out to be a great toy for the kids as they use them as horns and megaphones the whole way out (sorry). We’ll make our way across the bridge out of Adventureland, keeping to the right in front of the Crystal Palace, before making the turn onto Main Street USA. The Castle Stage show is once again going, so you’ll hear Princess Tiana and Louis for a bit. Soon the background music of Main Street USA will return as we get further from the castle, and we’ll make our way under the Train Tressle and back out to the promenade on our way to the TTC.

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin are basically the same ride system as Dumbo, but with another motion articulation in being able to tilt. But even better, they usually have half the wait that Dumbo does. If your children don’t actually need to ride on an elephant, this could be a great alternative. And you might even get a little wet.

Today’s memory is in binaural once again, so I’d suggest putting those headphones on to fully immerse yourself in the memory.

Now join my family on our 2 day trip to Walt Disney World, brought to you in immersive binaural sound, as we walk around the corner and quickly hop on a magic carpet ride over the market of Agrabah, before making our way up Main Street USA.

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Lou the host of the WDW-Memories podcast and the owner of WDW-Memories.net. WDW-Memories is a podcast and blog, where fans of the Disney Parks can come and relive their Disney memories.

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