Take a virtual audio trip in this installment of the WDW-Memories podcast, brought to you in immersive binaural / 3D / spatial sound, experiencing another magical memory from Walt Disney World. In today’s memory, you will join us as we are guided by Mark Twain and Benjamin Franklin through key moments in American history.

Well hello and welcome to the WDW-Memories Podcast where together we relive that Walt Disney World Magic. My name is Lou and I’ll once again be your host on this magical adventure.

We’re finally getting some spring weather here in Kentucky and it feels good. The birds are singing, the flowers are starting to push their way up, and the allergens are in the air. Yep, it’s the start of spring. Even Disney World is starting their Epcot Flower and Garden Festival, which is so awesome if you can ever get down there for it. For now, though, let’s jump back into the memories from our most recent trip, and enjoy an indoor attraction out of the heat of the Florida sun.

The American Adventure is such an amazing show. As an American, it fills me with pride in how far the experiment has come but also reminds me how far we still have to go. Sadly, the show is beginning to show its age as different characters didn’t always come out (there was one of the ladies missing in the Rosie the Riveter scene). The sound however was awesome, and really translated well to my recording.

So we’re continuing our adventures in Epcot on a beautiful Sunday morning in December of 2021. The sun is warm, and the sky is mostly clear. It’s a perfect Florida winter day, even if it’s starting to get a little too warm in the sun.

If you remember from Memory 269, we broke off our plans as we encountered the Mariachi Cobre sharing their Christmas story and now have a new targeted attraction we are headed for. We will rejoin the memory as we approach the American Adventure building and confirm that the show is just about to begin. We quickly put our masks on and join the group inside as they are making their way up the escalators and around to the entrance of the auditorium. It’s a mostly empty show at this point, so we’ll take a seat maybe 4-5 rows from the front and dead center. Soon, the doors close, the lights go down, and our show begins.

Once over, we’ll gather our things and head out, down the ramp, and try to figure out what we want to do next.

Today’s memory is in binaural once again, so I’d suggest putting those headphones on to fully immerse yourself in the memory.

Now that you have your headphones on, let’s join my family as we hear about some of the key historical moments in the great American Adventure.

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Lou the host of the WDW-Memories podcast and the owner of WDW-Memories.net. WDW-Memories is a podcast and blog, where fans of the Disney Parks can come and relive their Disney memories.

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