Take a virtual audio trip in this installment of the WDW-Memories podcast, brought to you in immersive binaural / 3D / spatial sound, experiencing another magical memory from Walt Disney World. In today’s memory, you will join us as we learn what an awesome place we live.

Well hello and welcome to the WDW-Memories Podcast where together we relive that Walt Disney World Magic. My name is Lou and I’ll once again be your host on this magical adventure.

So I’m going to try to pick up that pace as I mentioned in the last episode since I’m craving Walt Disney World right now. With D23 around the corner, I can’t wait to hear what they’re going to tell us about the parks. And all this talk right now has got me dreaming of my next visit with my family. But for now, we can visit using these memories and see these attractions once again in our mind’s eye.

Today, we are continuing our adventures in Epcot on a beautiful Sunday in December 2021. The sun is setting, and giving way to a beautiful evening. It’s becoming those perfect Florida winter evenings.

If you remember from Memory 277, we ran into issues trying to ride Mission: SPACE – Orange, so we ended up riding Green instead. But now we’re ready to hop to the other side of the construction zone to go enjoy some of the Land Pavilions’ offerings. Usually, you could see straight through from Mission Space over to The Land, but during this construction, that path is a little more indirect. We’ll have to navigate construction walls, and new stores to make our way over there. It actually took us 15 minutes to make that trek, so we’re probably done with World Discovery for the night at this point. We’ll arrive at the Land Pavilion, with intentions to make our way to Soarin’ but arrive just in time for the next showing of Awesome Planet on our way down the ramp. So we’ll duck into the room, and are almost immediately let into the theater, where we’ll take our seats and the movie will begin. Once it’s done, we’re all feeling a little hungry, and the Land Pavilion was our original plan for a place to grab dinner since we can feed everyone with healthier options for relatively cheap. After that… who knows where we’ll go, but I’m sure we’ll have a blast.

Today’s memory is in binaural once again, so I’d suggest putting those headphones on to fully immerse yourself in the memory.

Now that you have your headphones on, let’s join my family as we take a moment to re-look at the amazing place we call home.

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Lou the host of the WDW-Memories podcast and the owner of WDW-Memories.net. WDW-Memories is a podcast and blog, where fans of the Disney Parks can come and relive their Disney memories.

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