Memory 025 – Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Space Mountain

Today’s Memory was requested by Nick from London, he wrote:

As for a request I would love to hear Big Thunder Mountain (including queue music) also definitely if you could walk down the tunnels of Space Mountain!! So I would definitely like to request Big Thunder and Space Mountain!!

He went on to explain:

I personally like Big Thunder and Space Mountain for the inside queue area music are among the best at WDW! Firstly Space Mountain – I don’t think you can beat the sounds of the tunnels as you proceed towards the loading area – it is so deep and mystic! Brings back a flood of memories from when I first went on it at 9 years old – both petrified and excited. Same goes for Big Thunder – I love queuing here especially early in the morning as the day warms up!, the sound of bluegrass and the distant sound of trains and the Mississippi river boat horn just put you in the old west!

Nick, your wish is my command. I’m with you. I just didn’t realize how much that music puts me back in the Magic Kingdom. It’s so simple, but that’s what I’m trying to share here. It’s these Memories that trigger emotions and thoughts of fun and happy times, be it from child hood, or your trip last week. It’s always fun to go back and look forward to your next return.

So today’s memory is again in Binaural, so headphones on. It was recorded on our anniversary trip in 2006. As we slip into this memory, we’re just entering the line and walking up the hill. You’ll hear the music pick up as you look out over sculpted mountain that resembles something from Monument Valley National Park. As you watch a couple coasters fly by, reaching a top speed of 40 miles per hour, you’ll hear the screams of the riders. I think we had fast passes, cause we don’t spend too much time in line, and we’re soon being ushered into our spots, but let’s take the very front instead. So we get to wait an extra cycle, and then we’re off.

Next we’ll be transported to our second memory of the day, a ride on Space Mountain. It’s mid-day and the sun was bright, so as we get inside, you’ll hear Traci and I discussing how dark it really was inside. You’ll get to hear about 2 minutes of queue music, and then I’ll cut us to the front of the line. It’s our turn to ride this attraction build first for Walt Disney World. We climb in and are taken up to the top of the track, past the space men, then it’s blast off into the darkness, only reaching a top speed of 28 miles per hour this time.

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