Memory 026 – Dapper Dans

Alright, it’s been almost a month, and I’ve been slacking off. I’m sorry. In any case, today’s Memory is a good one. It was requested by Kirsty of Norwich, England. She wrote in and said:

My request is not a ride or an attraction, so to say, its more of entertainment; my request is the Dapper Dans. Again, during my recent visit, we saw these guys for the first time, on the last day of our holiday. They were so great, even posing for photos while they were singing! 

Kirsty also went on to ask for a second musical act which we’ll get to in a later show. Unfortunately Kirsty, the Magic Kingdom is the one park I don’t have much as far as street entertainers from. I will recommend my buddy Brian from the Mousin’ It Up Podcast as a great resource for these guys. That said, I do have some audio of the Dapper Dans. In fact, I’ve got two memories for us to enjoy.

The first memory is in stereo and is an abbreviated one. It was recorded on a trip I took back in 2001. It was a blustery afternoon with a storm rolling in as I entered the Magic Kingdom. After passing under the Railroad, and around the main square, I saw them up ahead on the corner. They were already started, so I missed the beginning of the set. And unfortunately because of that storm, I had to leave early, so we’ll get a couple of songs.

The second memory is also an abbreviated one, though this one’s from the anniversary trip in 2006, and therefore in Binaural. It’s a beautiful morning as we enter the Magic Kingdom, and like every other morning, you’ll find the Dan’s singing to guests as you walk down Main Street. Again, we stop only for a few songs, cause otherwise we’ll have to wait forever for Space Mountain. Of course as we walk up, the Dans started talking to us, asking us where we’re from. They’re just so much fun. Unfortunately they couldn’t think of any songs about North Carolina, but that doesn’t stop them from singing.

The Mousin’ It Up podcast can be found at:

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