Remembering a Wish

The Holiday Road Podcast (a great Disney binaural podcast) recently released HRP 017 – Wishes. As I was listening to it, I couldn’t help but remember the many fun times I’ve had watching Wishes. I remember watching it with friends on various trips. I remember watching it by myself while in Orlando for Business. But mostly, I remember one very special memory. It was on our Anniversary trip in 2006, and Traci and I actually got to watch Wishes three times on this trip.

The first time was actually from atop the Contemporary Resort as we finished our Anniversary dinner at the California Grille. I had planned ahead, knowing full well a window seat during Wishes would be magical, so at the 90 day mark, you better believe I was calling.  I got the reservation, and even though we weren’t guaranteed a window seat, I was going to play that Anniversary card as many times as necessary to get it. Sure enough, it worked, and we had a wonderful spot overlooking the Magic Kingdom. We had a most amazing dinner (that’s a story for another post), and after they had served us a special desert, the lights dimmed. We scooted our chairs close, and as the music began, we had a perfect romantic view from our table by the windows.

The second time on this trip we were actually planning to participate in the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, and because of that we went to the Magic Kingdom that evening. We were supposed to go to Ohana for dinner earlier (this will play in later), but opted to skip it in lieu of more time in the parks. Well it rained, and rained, but that didn’t cancel Wishes that evening. They began, and again we huddled together to fight off the rain and cold while we watched from the Rose Garden. After a few minutes, it was clear this would not be the best showing, as the smoke and low clouds obscured the view of almost all fireworks beyond the castle, but we didn’t care. Even as it rained, we were happy to be with each other watching Wishes.

After that showing, we realized most of the MVMCP would be canceled since it was raining, so we wanted to see what could be done. The guest services office was packed with other like-minded people, but they worked their way through the people. When it was finally our turn, they were gracious and offered us an exchange for a one day pass to the parks. So as we left the Magic Kingdom we just realized how hungry we were. We decided to just try and see if Ohana would let us in. As we walked up to the check-in desk, they were just turning someone away because they didn’t have room for anyone without a reservation. We explained we missed our reservation (by 3 hours now), and they said no problem. Two minutes later we were seated, next to the windows, with a great view of Cinderella Castle. And to our surprise, as we began our appetizers, the lights dimmed, the music came up, and Holiday Wishes began. We hadn’t missed it after all.

If these were the only memories I had of Wishes, I’d be happy. But this past September, we got to take Susie for her first trip to Walt Disney World. We’d had a busy day, and were quite tired. So we staked out a spot on the bridge to Tomorrowland about 15 minutes before the start and just relaxed. As the fireworks began, I picked Susie up and held her in my arms as we watched. With the finish of each movement, she would just applaud and smile. But when Tinker Belle flew right over her head, you would think she was going to float away as she just bounced with joy, pointing skyward at Tinkerbell. As the last firework faded, Traci and I gave Susie a hug, and she said “those were some good fireworks”. I will never forget these memories and will cherish them always.

As a reminder, you can always listen again to Memory 10 – The Wishes Nighttime Spectacular for my Memory of Wishes, or make sure you check out HRP 017 – Wishes of the Holiday Road Podcast.

So how about you? How has the magic of Wishes touched your life? Do you have a favorite time watching it with a special someone? Make sure you tell me about it below.

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