A Virtual Day in Disney’s Animal Kingdom 2015

A while ago, I started putting together “Days in Walt Disney World”. Since my podcast format has almost been built as a way to relive the day through my ears, it seemed like a nice way to easily spend an entire day in Walt Disney World without the lines, or even concerns about COVID-19. To […]

A Virtual Day in Walt Disney World 2017

Photo by Christian Lambert on Unsplash Who is up for another virtual day in the parks? This time, we’re going to do some park hopping starting in the Magic Kingdom and hopping over to Epcot for some fun and fireworks. This is going back a few years to September of 2017. To set the stage, […]

A Virtual Day in Walt Disney World 2018

Join us on a virtual Walt Disney World vacation from 2018 As I find myself at home, dreaming of trips to Walt Disney World and wishing I could escape there from where I am in the middle of the United States, I can’t help but smile because of all the recorded memories I’ve shared with […]

Top 6 Disney Experiental YouTube Channels

I often find myself wishing I could go back to Walt Disney World whenever I want. Two weeks ago I shared my list of Top 4 favorite Audio Podcasts. These podcasts don’t just give you the news or their opinions about travel planning but focus on putting you in the Disney Parks as you will feel […]

Top 4 Disney Experiential Podcasts

Whether you are returning from Walt Disney World and need to help those post-Disney blues, or you love slipping to your happy place while you are working through projects at work, or you just love the music of the shows at Disney, Disney Experience Podcasts are some of the best ways to help you cope […]

My Memories Of Being An Extra In Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!

I got pulled up to be an extra in the show. In Memory 076, we got to relive another Walt Disney World Memory from 2006 where we watched the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. At the end of that show I shared my memories of being in the show on a […]

Your Last Ride Ever

For years I’ve heard the question asked on many a podcast and of many a Disney Parks fan, and I thought I might offer my thoughts on this topic. One difference, I’m going to take a slightly different approach to this quandary. Here’s the question: If you had just one more day on earth, and […]

Preparing for Walt Disney World

Every time I go to Walt Disney World, it’s so easy to make it into a whirlwind tour of the favorite attractions. It’s so hard to slow down, and just soak in the fun of the parks. To drink in the colors and lights. To savor those smells and tastes and build up those memories. […]

Farewell Mickey’s Toontown Fair

It seems to me that everyone in the Disney community is bidding farewell to Mickey’s Toontown Fair right now, and I figured I should also offer my thoughts. Ironically, until about a year ago these thoughts and opinions would have been totally different. But now, I have 2 small children. As I’ve said before, I’ve […]

Becoming more ‘Tangled’ up in Disney

So I’m sitting at my desk, digging through code while listening to podcasts on my phone, and up pops the Reduced Shakespeare Company Podcast Episode 212, Disney’s ‘Tangled’ Rapunzel and Episode 213. Epic Two-Parter. It got me to thinking about the night I saw this movie, and the impression it made on me. Let me […]