Preparing for Walt Disney World

Soaring over FantasylandEvery time I go to Walt Disney World, it’s so easy to make it into a whirlwind tour of the favorite attractions. It’s so hard to slow down, and just soak in the fun of the parks. To drink in the colors and lights. To savor those smells and tastes and build up those memories. If you do that, then later when you’re at your local fair and take a bite of a Turkey Leg, you’ll get transported back to that moment when you were walking down the streets in Fronteirland, enjoying your dinner. Or how about when you go to the pool, and the smell of the water transports you to the loading area in Norway, and you are about to hop in your boat. Or maybe, when you listen to a Podast (by your favorite Walt Disney World Memory podcaster of course) you might be able to see yourself riding on Dumbo with your family.

I can’t wait to do build up more of these memories, and I won’t have to wait for long. I leave for Orlando in mere days and my itinerary is still not really set. I guess the difficult part is the fact that I don’t have set days and times in the parks. It’s really all dependant on what my days and nights look like. But for those of you who are interested in what I’ll be doing, here’s my tentative plans.

Sunday, June 10 afternoon – Disney Hollywood Studios
Tuesday, June 12 evening – Magic Kingdom
Wednesday, June 13 evening – Epcot & Magic Kingdom
Thursday, June 14 evening – Universal’s Islands of Adventure
Friday, June 15 all day – Magic Kingdom
Wednesday, June 10 all day – Disney’s Animal Kingdom

I know, it seems a little scattered and crazy, but I’m hoping it will work out. I’ll be flying into Orlando around 1PM, and hope to make it to my hotel room near the Orange County Convention Center before 3PM so I can be at DHS in time to enjoy some of the Star Wars Weekend fun. The convention will be in full swing during the days Monday – Thursday, so I hope to slip back over to the parks for the evenings if possible. Then Friday and the following Wednesday are with my whole family. This will be Mikey’s first time in the parks and I can’t wait to see how he does.

Now I know most of you may be wondering about Thursday, June 14 at Universal. Ok, it’s not Disney, but it’s part of the convention. That evening, they’re renting out Islands of Adventure for the attendees, and I’ve been dying to see the new Harry Potter and see what the fuss is about Spider Man. If it wasn’t for those, I might just blow it off and go back over to Disney, but I’m a big Harry Potter fan and am looking forward to seeing what the other guys can do with really good theming.

So that’s my itinerary. Keep an eye on the social media sites for updates as I’m in the parks. I’ll try and post pictures and stuff every now and then. Also, the plan is to record something for use next week on the podcast, so keep an eye out for Memory 070.

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