My Memories Of Being An Extra In Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!

Lou got Picked
I got pulled up to be an extra in the show.

In Memory 076, we got to relive another Walt Disney World Memory from 2006 where we watched the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. At the end of that show I shared my memories of being in the show on a trip in 2002, but I thought it would be far more interesting if I also wrote them down and shared some of the photos my sister took of me in the show. So here’s that memory.

Back in September of 2002, my family and I had gone to Walt Disney World for a day in the parks while on a vacation in Florida. After spending the first half of the day in Epcot, we hopped over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for some fun. We made our way to the Indiana Jones theater and found some great seats, maybe 10 rows from the front and just to the right of the sound booth.

Let's hear that Sinister laugh
Let’s hear that Sinister laugh

I was wearing a football jersey of my favorite team the Washington Redskins so I stood out. Out came the Casting Director and was looking for some extras. I raised my hand, but wasn’t really making a big deal about it. Then to my surprise, she called out the guy with the burgundy number 48 jersey. So I took off all my extra gear including my recording equipement and my camera and handed them to my sister and headed up front.

As we all made our way up front, I took my spot at the end and waited as the casting director made her way down to me. As one of the extras, my task was to provide a villainous laugh, and let me tell you it is your voice. It “ha ha’d” right with what I was doing, so I’m assuming there is some serious effects being added in.

Heading off stage to costuming
Heading off stage to costuming

After that, we were ushered up to the far top corner where we signed waivers and were given costumes. Then you wait. You’ll miss most of the first scene standing back there or dealing with all the stuff, but you get a prime view of the rest of the show.

Lou recieving instructions
Lou recieving instructions

As we were taken back up I was in position right next to the guy with the loud shirt (that’s me in the green and white second from the right). I would interact with him (this wasn’t my first time at this show, so I knew who he was). We were then taken through a couple more fun activities all to stall while they continued to setup for the next scene behind us. Maybe it’s the crowd, maybe it’s the excitement of being up front, but I didn’t notice anything that was going on behind me at all.

No wait, he's still alive
No wait, he’s still alive

Of course, there’s the death scene. Our guy died… popped back up… and died again. The whole time you’re told to just react to what you see. It’s just a lot of fun. After that they split us up into two groups sending some of us near the pile of carpets while the others go to the other corner by the hanging clothing. We receive some basic instructions like “don’t move from this spot” and “just act like a crowd” so that’s what we do.

Are those swords?
Are those swords?

I was fortunate enough to be positioned near the carpets. As the action began, the carpet with the hidden swords came out right in front of me. It was fun to be that close to the action as punches were thrown. It really looks more like a well choreographed dance than a fight from this close. As the fighting intensified, we were pulled over with the rest of the group to the other side of the mats and just told to react to what we saw. At no time did I feel I was in any danger.

Go Indy Go
We were supposed to cheer on Indy and Marion
That's Cheating Indy
That’s Cheating Indy

After Cairo was finished we were escorted off and released back to our seats. I made my way back to my family, just as the final scene begins.

All in all, if you’ve seen the stunt show, try and get in it. This will provide you with a whole new perspective of how it all works. If you’ve never seen the show, don’t volunteer. You’ll miss too much of this great show. I wish I had my recorder though, it would have been really cool to share with you all that I heard as we were back-stage and on-stage. I promise you though, if I ever get called back up front again, I will be recording it.

Here are some bonus shots from my adventures in the show.

Now their on the top of the tower and we’re supposed to be telling them to jump.
Indy takes on a larger foe
Indy and the large German duke it out in front of a spinning airplane.
The propeller takes care of what Indy couldn't
The propeller takes care of what Indy couldn’t
Final explosions
Final explosions
The cast and crew take their final bow
The cast and crew take their final bow

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