Top 4 Disney Experiential Podcasts

Whether you are returning from Walt Disney World and need to help those post-Disney blues, or you love slipping to your happy place while you are working through projects at work, or you just love the music of the shows at Disney, Disney Experience Podcasts are some of the best ways to help you cope with being away from the Happiest Place on Earth. For over a decade, I’ve been following various Disney podcasts, but my favorites have always been those podcasts where the host would wear microphones in their ears and walk around the parks, taking me with them and putting me right back inside my favorite place in the world. Maybe now you’re thinking “yes, now tell me who I should listen to”, well your wish is my command. Here are my top 4 favorite Disney Experiential Podcasts: 

  1. Window to the Magic – Focused mostly on Disneyland, Paul is one of the earliest Disney podcasters and has been creating and improving his craft each year since. Each week, Paul and his team take you inside the parks and let you experience the magic of an attraction or two, and live the Disney experience through your ears. I love to put his podcast on while going for a walk outside and imagine myself walking down the middle of Main Street USA in Disneyland. 
  2. WDW-Memories – Of course, my podcast had to make this list too. We’ve been releasing memories since 2006 (a little inconsistently in the past, but I’ve been doing better over the last year or two). Each memory takes you into the parks or cruise line where you can relive my memories, but maybe remember when you were there too. I’m preparing for my next trip, where I will hopefully gather enough memories to last us for a few more years again. 
  3. Central Florida Sights & Sounds – John and Ann Marie have been taking us to all of the Orlando parks for over 7 years, but that’s a little misleading. John has actually been a part of the Disney Podcasting community for years, lending his talent and personality to many podcasts and shows, and he’s finally out on his own, creating his own content. He and his wife share take us into all the Florida parks and area attractions, letting us experience all the fun and magic that there is to find. It is not always family-friendly (they will warn you so you aren’t surprised) but they are well worth listening to because they can keep up with all the recent additions to each park.
  4. Attraction Checklist – A newcomer to the experiential Disney Podcast list, I have quickly fallen in love with this show. As part of a larger group of shows by Saturday Morning Media, each episode is filled with facts and reviews that tie the show together into a nice and entertaining package.

So that’s my list, who is on yours? Do you have a favorite? Did I miss someone? Please let me know in the comments below. I’d love to make this list much larger.

Shows I’m still subscribed to hoping they might pick the recorder back up and make a return:

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