My Disney Memory for 2010

I'm in the shot So as the year 2010 comes to a close, I had to stop and ponder what my favorite Disney Memory was from this year. There were so many to choose from. Was it the time I took Susie into the Disney Store in our mall, and all the tears of an active tantrum ceased, and were replaced by a smile that just lit up the room? Was it sitting on the couch with Susie and watching Dumbo for her first time? Nope, neither one of those. This memory was bigger. This memory was huge. This Disney Memory will forever be locked in my head, so I can see it as if I were right there. I’m of course talking about Susie’s first ride on a Disney Attraction, which of course was Dumbo The Flying Elephant in Disneyland. I’ve really already covered this memory back in Memory 041, but I have to touch on it again, because it was so big for both Susie and I. (You could always go back and listen again if you wanted to refresh your Memory)

So the Summer of 2010 brought us to California for my brother’s wedding. Susie had practiced at home, and was all set for her flower girl duties. She was very excited to get out there and do her part. We arrived at the Ontario airport on a Wednesday, and spent the day relaxing with friends, because tomorrow we were going to Disneyland.

Thursday morning arrives, and I’m so excited (and still on East coast time) that I’m awake by 5AM. Both my wife and I get ready, and we’re on the highway headed to Anaheim by 7AM. We’re at the parks after rope drop and make a bee-line back to our first attraction, Dumbo. Susie is a bit fussy, and I can’t really blame her, she was kind of hungry and still not totally awake. As we stand in line, you can see on her face the sort of curiousity as to what is about to happen. What are those elephants doing? Why are all these people climbing in them? What’s this little black feather for? She of course hadn’t seen Dumbo the movie yet, so her understanding of whom Dumbo is, and how the mouse on top of the ride relates to him was only from what I told her. Never the less, she is still a little excited about a ride.

When it’s finally our turn, Susie spirits appear to be better. We let her choose which elephant she wants to ride (pink of course) and we’re off in short order. As we let her control the elephant up and down, the grin is growing bigger and bigger across her face. As the elephants all climb for a final time, she is laughing and doesn’t even realize she no longer has control of Dumbo. When we land, she bounces along the side walk towards the exit. As we exit, the question always has to be asked “So what did you think?” Her answer of course was an enthusiastic, “That was fun!”

There is no other place on earth that I’ve experienced that continually brings a smile to your face. And it’s not just my face, but I’m sure yours as well, as you imagine your loved one bouncing along after their favorite ride, giving an enthusiastic “That was fun!” This is why I share these memories.

So how about you? Do you have a Disney Memory from 2010? Please feel free to share below, I know I’d leave to hear what was your favorite Disney Memory.

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