Memory 080 – Walt Disney World Transportation Buses

Come and join us for another installment of the WDW-Memories podcast, where I try to make it possible for you relive your Walt Disney World Memories when you can’t actually be there.

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It’s another early morning. I’ve got my Baltimore Orioles mug of coffee and a laptop and I’m ready to begin putting together our next memory. Sadly the O’s have been knocked out of the postseason, and so have the Nationals and Reds, so I don’t have much of a vested interest in what’s left of the Baseball Postseason other than someone beat the Yankees. Of course by the time this goes out, maybe Detroit will have completed my request. Here’s hoping.

In the meantime, let’s talk about something that helps us escape from all our troubles, and that is vacationing in the best place in the world, Walt Disney World. Today’s request is a different one. First off, it came from Facebook, and secondly it’s not your traditional attraction. Today, we’re going to get to ride on the Walt Disney World Buses.

So Joey simply wrote on our Facebook page:

“I think you should do the Buses…”

And immediately Laura responded with a quick comment:

i love the buses 🙂 i have the ride from the magic kingdom to the wilderness lodge almost memorized… which now that i think about it is kind of sad haha

And per usual I tossed the idea out to the social media world and got a lot of responses. Here are only three of my favorites:

Chris wrote on Facebook:
i love the buses. my wife has a fond memory of one driver working the Carribean Beach resort loop. he had a thick Island accent. “Trinadad North-Trinadad North”. i wasn’t there but still makes me smile. Trips later at night are great too, especially when you get a trainee and supervisor. always friendly and a pleasure to chat with.

Dennis wrote on Facebook

I remember one late night leaving EPCOT heading back to the Wilderness Lodge. There were several cranky little ones on board. The driver who could have just drove us to the resort started singing Disney tunes. And within a few short minutes crying turned to singing and laughter. I think we could have got into the record book as the world’s largest traveling choir. Everyone was singing it was a perfect way to end the day. Everyone thanked the driver as we left the bus saying how wonderful he was.

And Susan wrote on Facebook:

Christmas day returning to my resort everyone was singing Christmas carols.
And I must give a quick nod to Frederick. He wrote a very funny story on the Facebook page which you’ll just have to go read. And feel free to share your favorite stories with us while you’re there.

Personally, I love the buses. I know, people complain about crowding, and yes a rental car is easier. But there is something much more relaxing about not having to drive, not having to worry about your keys, and not having to find your car at the end of the night. And often times as the stories above showed, the bus drivers will spread the magic just a little bit, making this an attraction unto itself.

I guess we should get down to business here. Today we’re going to take two trips on the Walt Disney World buses. We’ll start out with a memory from our free day at Walt Disney World I tell you about in Memory 037. We’ve finished dinner at the Garden Grove and we’ll be taking the bus from the front of the Swan Hotel over to the Ticket and Transportation Center outside the Magic Kingdom. We’ll join that memory just as we’re loading on to our bus and being whisked away. We’ll then take the return trip back to the Swan Hotel. We’ve just finished a loop around the Magic Kingdom Monorail Resorts, seeing all the Christmas Holiday decorations. We’ll again join in as we load onto the bus. As we’re pulling away, we’ll spot the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom, and we get to show Susie (who is two at the time) and she loves them.

Our second memory is from this June while I was at my conference in Orlando that I talk about in Memory 072. I was trying to use the system to my advantage and had my shuttle drop me off at the Magic Kingdom and took the bus from the Magic Kingdom to Disney’s Hollywood Studios so we’ll ride along as I’m heading over to my first visit to Star Wars Weekends. Then we’ll catch the reverse trip back from the Studios back to the Magic Kingdom.

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