Memory 081 – JAMMitors

Come and join us for another installment of the WDW-Memories podcast, where I try to make it possible for you relive your Walt Disney World Memories when you can’t actually be there.

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Time: 16:16

So yesterday as I was leaving work the internet blew up with news of Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilms. I know, it’s major and it probably things in the future. Maybe it even opens the door to the “Disney-Lucas Hollywood Studios” in the future, but today it doesn’t change our memories of our trips to Walt Disney World, and that’s what this podcast is about. So let’s get to a real memory of a a great streetmosphere show at Epcot.

As you wander around Future World, you often forget that there is more to see here than just the attractions. The pavilions are great, but this is Disney and there is often more to see than just attractions. If you time it right by consulting the show times guide, visiting those websites, or by pure luck, you might catch the Epcot Trash Collectors known as the JAMMitors taking their break and leading you in a little fun.

So today’s memory was requested in a post on our Facebook page by Brian. He simply listed (amongst other items) that he wanted to hear the JAMMitors.

I again posted on the social media sites that I was going to feature this attraction in today’s memory and I got the following comments.

On Facebook, Bella wrote:

Oh my gosh, I absolutely LOVE the Jammitors! They are so interesting to watch/listen to. Can’t wait to listen!!

And that was it. It’s mostly my fault for not posting it sooner so most of you could see and comment. But I also blame the Disney Lucas signing for taking over the internet news feeds. Oh well, thanks Bella for digging through it all and commenting. I too love the JAMMitors. My original interaction with them was purely by luck. On a trip with a buddy of mine, we stumbled onto their show in the breezeway and loved it. Mostly because it’s magical, the way you feel after the show. It’s like a 5 minute version of Stomp, all done within feet off you. And then they give you stickers.

Since that first encounter, I always check the times guide to see when and where they might appear so I can time my trip through Future World to overlap one of their shows. And today’s Memories are the results of this planning.

Today we’re going to visit 2 memories (mostly because they are just so short). The first one is from one of my original recordings back in 1998. It’s a Monaural recording that I’ve edited to sound almost like stereo. It was a bright August morning and I’ve been in the parks by myself. I had been working for the Disney Store and had a free pass to the parks, so I came over for the day for a bit of fun, and decided to try out this recording idea I had. I picked up my times guide and staked out my spot early in the breezeway to wait for the JAMMitors to arrive. And as the show began, the crowd joined in around me for the fun and laughter that follows this group.

Our second memory is from our Anniversary trip in 2006. Traci and I are having fun on our second day in Epcot. We’ve started our morning with a couple of attractions in the Wonders of Life Pavilion, heading over to the Mexico Pavilion, and purposely came back here just to see these guys. We get there just as they’re starting their break. We quickly grab the cameras and watch as the show envelops everyone around.

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