Memory 082 – The Hall of Presidents 2

Come and join us for another installment of the WDW-Memories podcast, where I try to make it possible for you relive your Walt Disney World Memories when you can’t actually be there.

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One week ago, the United States of America practiced a fundamental principle and exercised our right to vote for our new President. As it turns out, we selected our old President for one more term. The results of great tradition is what we are here to relive today. Our memory for today is The Hall of Presidents Attraction at Magic Kingdom® Park.

The request for today’s memory came from Dan in Michigan. He wrote to me in an email:

My entire family and myself and some friends are planning a return to WDW in june of 2013. I was wondering do you have the updated version of the hall of Presidents with [President] Obama?

Well Dan, your timing couldn’t be much better. As I originally scheduled the podcasts, I hadn’t even realized that this one fell one week after the Election here in the United States. It was just a perfect match for us. And because it’s such a popular topic, I actually got quite a bit of feedback from folks that follow us in Social Media. Here are some of my favorite comments:

Dennis wrote on Facebook:

I love the attraction now and appreciate the history that it tells and the presentation of all the presidents. Now when I was a kid this attraction sacred me more than the haunted mansion. When the president would start to move it always creeped me out not sure why maybe it’s because they looked so real. Now when we go back each year I make sure my girls see this attraction each time it’s like a a cliff note version of American history 101.

I’ve got another one from Facebook, this time from Frederick. He wrote:

I think it is a good attraction, and I’m glad it’s staying the same for now. I was really surprised at how interested my kids were to see it this past August. We actually fit it in before lunch on our first full day because my 8yo asked several times when we were going to see Obama.

And I’ll wrap it up with another one from Facebook, this time from Laura. She wrote:

I used to find this attraction really boring when I was younger, mostly because I didn’t really understand what the Presidents were talking about at the time! However, after realizing I wanted to read American Studies at University next year, I now watch this show with new found interest and find it amazing how the Presidents look so incredibly real. I also like how the attraction is an escape from the relentless Florida heat! In our trip in December, we will be sure to make a visit there and see the American Presidents in all their glory once again.

So as you can see, this is a very powerful attraction and one probably not to be missed. It may sound boring, but the renewed sense of pride in America is undeniable. For the longest time though, I had not visited this attraction, and I regretted it once I got back this summer.

Some of you may remember Memory 034 – The Hall of Presidents from November of 2009. At that point, I hadn’t been back to The Hall of Presidents for a few years so I hadn’t had the opportunity to catch President Barack Obama’s speech with the updated theme. So when my trip this summer was coming up, I made it a point to catch this great attraction once again.

Let me set this memory up for you. It’s June of 2012, so as you can imagine, it’s hot. I’ve spent my day at the convention in downtown Orlando, and slipped away in the evening for some fun in the Magic Kingdom. After getting into the Magic Kingdom, I’ve done a few rides, but still haven’t had time for dinner. My Touring Plan had me scheduled to catch The Hall of Presidents, but when I arrived I discovered the next show wasn’t for another 20 minutes, so I went to find food. I grabbed a sweet potato and corn from the nearby market and ate outside while I waited for the next show. I ended up taking a little too long and got to the front door just as they were starting the next show. They let me duck under the rope and I sat down just as they announced the next show.

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