Memory 112 – Reliving a day at the Magic Kingdom: Part 4, Dumbo The Flying Elephant and The Barnstormer

** Binaural Audio **
Time: 38:55

Come and join us for another installment of the WDW-Memories podcast, where I try to make it possible for you relive your Walt Disney World Memories when you can’t actually be there.

What a great trip! We had so much fun. We did get to spend two days at Walt Disney World with one day at the Magic Kingdom and one day at Epcot for the Flower and Garden Festival. While the weather on the second day wasn’t the greatest, it was still much better than what my friends back home were experiencing. But we’ll get to relive those days in the future. Today, let’s continue with our trip from September 2013.

Remember, it’s a quiet day (a 3/10 on In Memory 111, we just finished meeting Ariel and were trying to figure out what to do next. From here, if you look to your left you can see the new Storybook Circus area of Fantasyland, and right there is Dumbo, so that seemed like the perfect choice. We’ll plop the kids in the stroller and start down the path towards the big tops.

As we roll up, there is almost no wait for a ride, but we figure a few minutes in the air conditioning and some time to just run sounds like a good idea, so we let the kids go free in the play area in Dumbo’s queue. We’ll follow the kids around a bit as they play, step on things, and just have a little fun. Eventually we decide to take our turn on Dumbo also. After our ride, we decide to just hop back in line and ride again. I still can’t believe how great the crowds are.

After we finish our second ride, we’ll move on to the next attraction, The Barnstormer. This is our first thrill ride with the kids, and we’re not sure if this is a good idea. The kids don’t seem to be too worried as we get in line. We’ll make our way on the ride, take a seat in the middle of the train, and we’re off. Sadly just as we’re getting to the top, Susie (who is riding with me) is scared. Thankfully it’s a short ride, and we’re off in no time, but I think I might have scarred my daughter. As we exit though, we’re greeted by an amazing Cast Member who makes Susie so proud. She still won’t go on again, but she’s much happier.

This again will be where we’ll end this memory, and we’ll pick up next time with more fun from the Magic Kingdom.

Today’s memory is in binaural, so I’d suggest putting those headphones on to fully immerse yourself in the memory.

Now sit back. Relax. Close your eyes. And come with me as we fly above the skies of Fantasyland with a little elephant and dip and dive with Goofy.

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Lou the host of the WDW-Memories podcast and the owner of WDW-Memories is a podcast and blog, where fans of the Disney Parks can come and relive their Disney memories.

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