Memory 129 – Reliving a day at the Magic Kingdom: Part 21, Peter Pan’s Flight Again

** Binaural Audio **
Time: 23:22

Come and join us for another installment of the WDW-Memories podcast, where I try to make it possible for you relive your Walt Disney World Memories when you can’t actually be there. Join us now as we continue our day in the Magic Kingdom as we begin our trek from the back of Fantasyland and stop for one last ride on Peter Pan’s Flight.

Well there are 2 more weeks until Christmas. Wow! Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday I was just planning a spring trip to Walt Disney World, and today I’m wrapping up the year, and thinking about what next year might hold. Maybe another trip to Walt Disney World? Maybe even more than just one or two days? hmmmm, I like the sound of that. But let’s get back to Memories that we’ve already experienced.

As we pick back up in the Magic Kingdom, we’ve just finished a trio of rides on Dumbo the Flying Elephant. We then loaded the kids back into the stroller and headed away from the Storybook Circus area in search of one more adventure before the park closes. As we head back towards Cinderella’s Castle, we’re still debating. We finally agree that we should catch one last ride on Peter Pan’s Flight since the wait is posted at 10 minutes now. That’s pretty amazing, even for a 3/10 day on I guess it’s only 15 minutes before the park closes, so that also has something to do with it.

I’ll leave Traci and the kids at the entrance to the ride as I go find a place to park the stroller. I catch back up with them as they round the first corner, and are headed closer the loading point. Mikey is exhausted, and should be asleep now, as you’ll hear him just wanting to cuddle in and sleep in our arms. In no time at all, we’ll board our flying ship and be “Off to Neverland!”

Again, I’m not sure what more I can say about Peter Pan’s Flight. What I will comment on is staying late with small kids. In general, I’m for it, but it would be even better if we could have gotten a midday nap of some sort. Sadly with a day trip of over an hour to get to Walt Disney World, that really wasn’t much of an option. I will say, a stroller, even for my 5 year old daughter, was a life (and back) saver. For them to be able to lay back and sleep as we exit the park alone made it worth it.

So what is your final ride in the Magic Kingdom? If you have 15 minutes before the park closes, what do you dash to? Please come share with all of us, and while you’re at it, leave me some feedback on the show simply by visiting the WDW-Memories website at There you’ll find out how to contact me, leave feedback on the show, connect with me in social media or maybe view some of my photos or videos. And don’t forget, you can always reach me on the voicemail line at 336-WDW-MEM0, and leave your memories and feedback that way.

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Today’s memory is in binaural, so I’d suggest putting those headphones on to fully immerse yourself in the memory.

Now sit back. Relax. Close your eyes. And come with me as we take in one last ride before the park closes for the day.

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