Take a virtual audio trip in this installment of the WDW-Memories podcast as we enjoy another magical memory from Walt Disney World. In this memory, you will join my family as we close out our time in Epcot, and park hop to the Magic Kingdom on the magical highway in the sky.

Podcast Type: Binaural Audio
Podcast Length: 20:32

Well hello and welcome to the WDW-Memories Podcast where together we relive that Walt Disney World Magic. My name is Lou and I’ll once again be your host on this magical adventure. So have you seen the coverage coming from the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and the new Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance attraction? Oh my goodness this looks likes an amazing experience. They really have taken the time to build a story and share it with you, starting in the que which really becomes Act 1 of the attraction. I’m so excited to go and take the kids on this, hopefully this fall. Yeah that’s right, Traci and I are talking about another trip, and hopefully this time we can catch all of new rides and lands that we haven’t seen yet, things like Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Pandora – The World of Avatar. But for now, let’s relive another great memory from our last trip to Walt Disney World.

We’ll be continuing our day in August 2018. It’s sunny and warm with an occasional breeze, but the crowds are lighter today, so at least we aren’t packed into the parks. As you’ll remember from our previous memory, we did one last ride in Epcot, stopping in to help find Nemo once again and are heading towards the exit. As we join our memory, we’ve loaded the little ones into the stroller, and made our way through the breezeway, under Spaceship Earth, and to the exit, with the plan to finish out the day at the Magic Kingdom. I’m excited at this point because we’ll be getting to watch the new Happily Ever After Fireworks for the first time, but first we’ll need to transport to the park, and what better way than Disney’s Monorail System.

The ride however is not a perfect one, and in fact I won’t actually share it all with you. I try to include most of the narration that you are familiar with, so you can at least feel like you’re there as we travel from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom but it’s a little soft and hard to really hear over conversations going on in the car. However, when we transfer at the Transportation and Ticket Center to the Express Monorail we happen to get on a car with a child who was in the throws of a major temper tantrum and could not be consoled, so I’ll pretty much skip over that entire section of travel so don’t worry and we’ll pretty much be getting on and then getting off immediately. Instead we’ll stay with the memory as we make our way to the park entrance and scan our wrist bands once again, this time without a security checkpoint since we came from Epcot and already did it there. Then we’ll cross under the train trestle as the train is pulling out of the Main Street Station and begin strolling up Main Street USA as we finish out today’s memory.

So I have to be honest, Traci and I have timed it to see which is faster. Her driving the car over and parking or us taking the monorail, and honestly, depending on the day, it’s pretty much a wash. So why do we do it then? Because it’s so cool, and the kids love it. It’s just a way to avoid loosing that Magic of the day by stepping out of the fantasy and experience and back into reality, so why not take advantage of it. Now sometimes there are tired children, or not so pleasant smelling people, that happens, but in the world me and my family regularly live in, there are no elevated trains for public transportation, so a futuristic monorail is still very magical to us.

Today’s memory is in binaural once again, so I’d suggest putting those headphones on to fully immerse yourself in the memory.

Now join my family as we park hop to the Magic Kingdom on the magical highway in the sky.

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