Memory 038 – Reflections/Wonders of China

Well it’s been a long time. My work has been absorbing all of my week days, meaning the weekends go to my family, so that unfortunately has left me with little time left over for hobbies. But that’s beginning to change, and I’m hoping to get back to my every other week format of podcasting, […]

Memory 037 – A Free Day Trip Report

So I’m branching out a little bit this time. Today, we’re not going to have a show completely devoted to audio like we normally do. This time, we’re going to have a quick trip report. On this past December 27, I had the privilege of spending my birthday at Walt Disney World… sort of. A […]

Memory 036 – American Vybe Christmas

So today is Christmas, and as is my tradition, I like to do a little something special. This year, I’ve been going through a bunch of the old family video tapes and came across a video of our trip to Walt Disney World in Christmas of 2000, and smack in the middle of the tape […]

Memory 035 – O Canada!

Today’s request came from a couple people. First, this attraction was mentioned in the same email I received from Brian in episode 34. But it was also requested by Denise. Again these requests came in a long time ago, but I’m glad to be able to get to them now. Their request was for O’ […]

Memory 034 – The Hall of Presidents

Today’s request comes from my good friend Brian, again about a year ago (I sound like Hotchberg). His request was for Hall Of Presidents (amongst others). His request was simple, just a I’d Like to hear the Hall of Presidents Well it’s a little late, but it couldn’t be more appropriate. As we American’s give […]

Memory 033 – Muppet Vision 3D

LOU’S NOTE: I just realized I call this Memory 31. It’s actually #33. Don’t worry you haven’t missed something. Today’s request comes from my good friend Jessica, oh… about a year ago (sorry Jessica). Her request was for MuppetVision 3D. She wrote: “I also have one request. I would love to hear any audio you […]

Memory 032 – The Magic of Disney Animation

Today’s memory is for me. With the death of Walter Cronkite, I thought it would be fun to listen to one of the attractions in which he had been featured, The Magic of Disney Animation. Today’s audio is from 1998, and not that great, but it’s one of the only recordings out there that I […]

Memory 031 – Jungle Cruise

So today’s request came from 2 people. First was Jason and his family from Ramsey, MN: Our family (wife and daughter (age 8)) really enjoy listening and reliving the happy memories of our past trips. We especially like the Carousel of Progress memory. We are wondering if you would be willing or able to do […]

Memory 030 – Expedition Everest

So today’s request came from both Andrew and Silvio. Andrew wrote: next time you go back to WDW can u get a recording of Expedition Everest. It has to be my favorite ride in all of WDW because of how dark it is when you go backwards. i love the g-forces, because that’s just what […]

Memory 029 – Off Kilter

Today’s request came from Kirsty of Norwich, England. She wrote: A second request is Off Kilter, we saw these guys in kilts on our last day … I’d never heard anything like the sound of bagpipes in a rock/celtic band! It was a great 20 mins to end our trip in Walt Disney World!  So […]